Maps of Hispanic poetry

Maps of Hispanic poetry of the last 30 years is constituted as an interinstitutional and international project carried out by professors Margareth Santos (USP) and Alessandro Mistrorigo (Università Ca'Foscari-Venice / Italy) and started with the dossier proposal for the 21st issue of Caracol Journal, from the Spanish Language and Spanish and Hispanic-American Literature Area at the University of São Paulo (USP).

The first idea of the teachers in charge was to trace possible critical paths on the maps that the various poetic discourses have been drawing in the vast geographic-cultural space corresponding to the Hispanic world. To this end, the 21st issue of Caracol proposed to discuss poetic expression from four different perspectives: poetry as a text (“traditional” poetry); as an object (concrete, visual poetry, etc.); as performance/action (music, theater, literary cabaret, etc.) and as an encounter (art, cultures and different languages, frontier, etc.).

In addition to these debate proposals, a questionnaire which attempted to cover the diverse paths of poetry in the last 30 years was presented to several critics and authors; this questionnaire with its answers can be read on this page and, in the second half of 2021, in Caracol 21.

In the future, the page with the questionnaires will become a website that will offer more information, debates, videos, performances and readings around the poetic universe of the time lapse proposed by the project.

For further information, scholars and authors can get in touch with the professors in charge through the official and institutional email of the project:

Profª Drª Margareth Santos

Prof. Dr. Alessandro Mistrorigo

Link to access the questionnaire:o: